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Wizard Swipe

Wizard Swipe

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.11
Developer: niceplay games | Size: 28.14MB | Updated:06-12
Do you love Fire and Balls and want to relax a bit? Then play Wizard Swipe and throw Fireballs at skeletons!
* Simple control! Fling fireballs by swiping, or hold them to get a powerful blast!
* Enormous talent tree! Become a master of all five elements: fire, ice, air, acid and lightning!
* You won't get bored! The levels are generated from scratch every time!
* Unlimited amount of levels! You get bigger rewards and stronger monsters the further you progress!
* Do you want to show your skill? Complete objectives and get additional rewards!
* Levels with bosses! Choose a specific tactic and defeat them with the help of guile and spell combos.
* Are you still wondering if it's worth playing? Try it - it's free!
Keywords: wizard, defense, skeleton, fireball, defender, spell, magic, mage, monster, fort, castle, fortress, elements, ice, acid, thunderstorm, lightning, air, wall, random, endless.

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Wizard SwipeWizard SwipeWizard SwipeWizard SwipeWizard SwipeWizard SwipeWizard Swipe

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