Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.11
Developer: makemake games | Size: 47.12MB | Updated:08-3
Escape the gravity of Star cluster turned into a Super-massive Black hole in your Anti-matter Space ship, while surviving the falling matter by dodging them at a near light speed.
* Fast-paced and Responsive gameplay
* Play 2 game modes - Journey and Survival
* Journey - Play continuously unlocking 9 difficulty stages
* Survival - Play 30 uniquely created levels
* Amazing sound-track by Eddef
* No In App purchases and Ads
* Unlock more than 20 Achievements and challenge others on Leaderboards
* Upgrade your ship in Journey mode by using credits earned from completing levels in Survival mode
Also check out Eddef on SoundCloud and YouTube
For any query or feedback, write me at [email protected]

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