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Bacteria World

Bacteria World

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.9.4
Developer: Oleg Malevsky | Size: 31.27MB | Updated:08-31
- 'Bacteria World' is online game based on original 'Spore' principles
- The rule of this world is simple: become the biggest bacteria
- Eat smaller cells and run from bigger
- Level-up your character
- Emoticons chatting
- Smooth online multiplayer gameplay
- Nice skins
- Cool and deformable bacterias
- Online leaderboard
- No annoying ads
- Move with left pad
- Split and shoot mass with double-touch
Coming soon:
- Clan game mode
- Clan ratings
- New game modes
- New Skins!
- More cool game mechanics!

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Bacteria WorldBacteria WorldBacteria WorldBacteria WorldBacteria World

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