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No Stick Shooter

No Stick Shooter

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Happy Robot Games Ltd | Size: 92MB | Updated:05-18
Happy Robot presents a fresh take on the classic retro-arcade shooters we all know and love. Featuring 30 levels of non-stop mayhem, a huge variety of enemies, strategic weaponry, and a unique control scheme, No Stick Shooter is packed full of explosive fun!
From simple asteroids to wiggly snakes and giant guns, No Stick Shooter delivers a wide range of enemies each with their own individual behaviors.
Discover the strengths and weaknesses of several unique weapons, each carefully designed to be as explosively satisfying as possible!
Players have to carefully balance their enemies and weapons and devise the most effective approach to each challenge, in order to achieve the highest scores and create the largest explosions!
Fight your way through 30 challenging levels, including three boss fights and additional goals to achieve along the way.

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No Stick ShooterNo Stick ShooterNo Stick ShooterNo Stick ShooterNo Stick Shooter

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