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Bounce House (Unreleased)

Bounce House (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 0.9.8
Developer: Twice Different | Size: 67.29MB | Updated:08-8
Test your skills on the world's longest bouncy Bounce House gauntlet! It's so long it never ends! Bounce babies, dodge blocks, and watch out for the Castle Master...
How far can you bounce?!
+ Intuitive controls - Tap where you want to slam, swipe to double jump
+ Challenging, skill-based gameplay
+ Juicy, colorful art style
+ Take candy from babies, fill the Goodie Bag for prizes!
+ 40+ characters to unlock
+ 5 environment themes
+ Free gifts and regular challenges
Thanks for trying out this beta release!
As the game is not quite yet complete, you may run into various bugs and issues while playing. Please help us out by reporting them via the bug report button within the game. Note that candy and other items earned while playing in beta may be lost when the game is released, however all in app purchases will carry over upon release.

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Bounce House (Unreleased)Bounce House (Unreleased)Bounce House (Unreleased)Bounce House (Unreleased)Bounce House (Unreleased)

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