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The Night Shift

The Night Shift

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Brackish Games | Size: 26.9MB | Updated:08-11
Enter the life of disgruntled, convenience store clerk, Nigel, on the worst day (and possibly last night) of his life. Battling the undead horde that clearly want more than just the suspicious mystery meat at the back of the freezer wasn't how he envisioned his boring Saturday night shift would go. Cornered into the storage room with the wonky light that he was supposed to fix three months ago, Nigel takes a shot in the dark and hopes he hits his mark. This is his final stand.
The graveyard shift has never been quite so literal.
* Tap to take down zombies
* Battle Infinite zombie waves
* Collect upgrades that will help you on your quest to survive
* Score the highest you can, kill as many as you can.
* Remember to reload
"If you're a fan of intense arcade shooters be sure to take a look at The Night Shift." - www.supergamedroid.com

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The Night ShiftThe Night ShiftThe Night Shift

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