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Nightmarium Card Game (Unreleased)

Nightmarium Card Game (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Tabletopia | Size: 25MB | Updated:09-7
Nightmarium is a fun and fast card game about conquering nightmares. Combine body parts to create gruesome monsters and trigger their spine-chilling powers. Complete five creatures to win.
Grab up to three friends to pass & play on the same device!
Nightmarium is already a hit in Russia and Eastern Europe with 13,000 copies sold in 2015.
1,183 backers pledged $21,223 to help publish this game in English in 2016.
"It really is a simple game, you can learn it in a few minutes, but the infinite variation in creatures and abilities that can be found make for a very interesting game." John Dodd, millionwordman
"A fun little card game that is a thing of beauty...made from someone's nightmares." Bearded Meeple
During your turn you will be taking, discarding, or playing cards representing body parts in order to assemble and activate creatures. To be activated, a monster must have a head, a torso, and legs.
The game continues until one of the players completes five creatures. This player immediately wins the game.
A tactical and action-packed gameplay, for intense and highly-replayable games.
Pass & Play multiplayer for single device. Available offline.
Ready setups for various player counts.
Sandbox gameplay, just like in real life, but better.
This release is a part of Tabletopia's plan to bring board games to the digital world and make them widely available on mobile devices.
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Nightmarium Card Game (Unreleased)Nightmarium Card Game (Unreleased)

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