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Super Nano Jumpers (Unreleased)

Super Nano Jumpers (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1
Developer: Xigma Games | Size: 46.42MB | Updated:02-4
Super Nano Jumpers is a retro hard as nails platformer with tight control mechanics, This semi autorunner's controls are simple enough - tap the left side of the screen to halt, tap the right side to jump. With over 90 levels to play across 5 different worlds and 2 different Game modes(Arcade & Time trial) you need to survive these dark dungeons,unlock new characters and make it to the end.

"TouchArcade Game of the Week"
"If you're into difficult platformers, don't miss Super Nano Jumpers"- TouchArcade

"A hardcore platformer that delivers extreme challenge in a tiny package." - AppAdvice

"Super Nano Jumpers looks to be the kind of blood pressure-troubling autorunner we can get onboard with".- PocketGamer


> Over 90 challenging handcrafted Levels
> 2 different Game Modes (Arcade and Time Trial)
> Super tight control mechanics
> Survive through 5 different Worlds
> Achievement and Leaderboards integration
> 8-Bit Retro Soundtracks
> No Onscreen buttons
> Unlock 4 different Characters

Super Nano Jumpers won Pocket Gamer Connects The Very Big Indie Pitch Bangalore 2015 and was also a nominee in Casual Connect indie prize San Francisco 2015.

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Super Nano Jumpers (Unreleased)Super Nano Jumpers (Unreleased)Super Nano Jumpers (Unreleased)Super Nano Jumpers (Unreleased)Super Nano Jumpers (Unreleased)

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