Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.38.62
Developer: Navy blue | Size: 30.7MB | Updated:03-23
Cute cats avoid obstacles and climb high.

Collect cat food to collect other romantic cats and challenge your record.

defeat the boss cats waiting for the user in high places and rescue your girlfriend cats.


▶ How to play

- Use the one-button game to manipulate the cat, climb the left and right walls and climb to the top.
- Cats have unique skills, so take advantage of them.
- Identify the presence of random bonus rooms and earn bonuses
- boss mode and collect the girlfriend cat


▶ Notes
- When you delete the app, you will lose your payment information for the cat food. Please be careful when deleting
- Resolution difference may occur on certain models. Please contact us by email below

Inquiry mail: [email protected]

- This game includes In-app Billing products.

▶ Permission to use in game
- The right to purchase in-game resources and in-app payments

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CatsJump! Screenshots


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