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Run Candy Run

Run Candy Run

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 2.1
Developer: RUD Present | Size: 14.42MB | Updated:05-17
Ready to play with Candies in the Plasticine world? Lollipops, caramels, chocolates, toffees, a bubble gum, a sugar, gummy bears and other friends waiting to play with you. They think that you are the best player. Collect so more coins as you can to unlock all of them.

The Candies like fly in the sugar rocket. Don't forget to upgrade it and other powerups to the maximum level.

Game story:
For a 100 years candies lived happily ever after behind a sweet wall. But one day a hungry child has come and crushed the wall.

Game features:
- Simple and fun game play
- One touch game
- Collect all 50 candies!
- Unbelievable Plasticine graphics
- Different locations
- Fantastic music
- Crazy humor

Run with candies throw different locations. What location you like more: summer adventure, sprint and winter, dark forest or dungeon? Maybe you like to run inside hungry boy body?

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Run Candy RunRun Candy RunRun Candy RunRun Candy RunRun Candy RunRun Candy RunRun Candy Run

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