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Volcano Tower

Volcano Tower

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 0.051
Developer: UglyCake Games | Size: 44.67MB | Updated:06-24
Volcano Tower is an endless-platformer filled with clutch moments, fast-paced action and hard difficulty challenges.
You will attempt to avoid being smashed, burned or otherwise eliminated by obstacles falling (mostly) from above, as the volcano tower crumbles around you.
Volcano Tower tells the story of a remote peaceful tribe living in the shadow of an evil god who demands offerings brought to him, or he will unleash the power of the volcano upon the village. Guided by the tribe’s shaman “Jakul”, our masked tribesmen hero enters the cursed tower to fight the evil volcano god and return the stolen treasures.

★ Beautiful graphics and environments
★ Dodge burning bricks, fireballs and rising lava
★ Easy to learn, hard to master
★ Every new round is re-randomized and unique
★ Customize your look with funky hero skins and magical charms
★ Special power-ups and abilities for the taking
★ Hone your skills and enter the world leaderboards
★ Complete daring quests to win additional gold

How far can you go?

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Volcano TowerVolcano TowerVolcano TowerVolcano TowerVolcano TowerVolcano Tower

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