Neon Plane

Neon Plane

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.2
Developer: Panteon | Size: 30.57MB | Updated:07-5
Are you ready for endless action? Let's try to fly the neon plane while tens of missiles go after to hit you. Crash the missiles with each other or dodge the missiles to survive. But when your neon plane flies into a fury, it's your time to hit!

The adventure never ends!
Different types of missiles come after to hit the neon plane. As long as neon plane survives, more and more missiles burst and chase neon plane. Try to dodge and crash the missiles and collect the coins as much as possible.

Challenges await you!
Go for different challenges.
- Time Trial: Survive as long as possible
- Fury: Put the neon plane into a fury
- Enemies: Destroy the enemy spaceships
- Waves: Dodge or crash the waves of missiles

Each level you pass, harder and harder challenges await you!

More planes more visuals!
Use your coins to unlock awesome visual effects or new planes for more fun gameplay. But coins are not enough to unlock them all, you have to gain some achievements to show you are worthy enough to use them.

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Neon PlaneNeon PlaneNeon PlaneNeon PlaneNeon Plane

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