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Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)

Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 100
Developer: Nickervision Studios | Size: 37.98MB | Updated:12-18
Ding and Dong between the top and bottom of the screen as you attempt to avoid obstacles, collect points, and smash helpful power-ups. Try to survive as long as you can!

Easy one touch control allows you to cross the screen from top to bottom or vice-versa. Wait for the proper timing and don't hit enemies.

An endless, fast paced and challenging arcade style game play that constantly gets harder

Unlock a handful of unique cosmetic skins for your player, including some from other Nickervision Studios games

The in game audio/SFX was provided by my mouth making noises into a crumby consumer mic and some royalty free SFX from FreeSFX.

In game song / loops are Difourks - "It's Complextro & Dance"

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Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)Ding Dong XL (Unreleased)

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