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Bit Flight Club

Bit Flight Club

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.8
Developer: Zelzeron Interactive | Size: 19MB | Updated:05-5
When you're playing for a completely different characters, you can destroy obstacles in many different ways: break, crush, bend, dent, or even to miss them!
Collect points and unlock new characters to diversify the gameplay BFC.
When you first start will be available bat.
After 50 points - Cookie, which is able to be a warrior and magician;
After 400 points - Rocketman Jeff with a jetpack and a bulldozer;
After 2000 points - Cosmonaut Liam, who dreams about books and the house, but falls into the black hole.
After 4000 points in the future will be available for new characters.
ATTENTION PLEASE! There are many pixels!

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Bit Flight ClubBit Flight ClubBit Flight ClubBit Flight ClubBit Flight Club

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