Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.2
Developer: Kaasa Games | Size: 35MB | Updated:05-9
Quatts awakens new retro cult
A small square jumps through a turbulent retro world. Again and again. A bit higher. It wants to escape the world and it wants to see what is behind the next wall. It overcomes many enemies and obstacles, jumps through portals between two-and three-dimensional spaces. An eternal zoom out from the here and now. But only to subsequently end up in an even larger square.
Pixel hopping that can lead to a serious addiction.
Your character in looking for the final exit. Geometry and mechanics of this arcade universe are the stage of this action-packed game. QUATTS quotes some of the best retro classics from the Vertical Shooter and Jump'n Run History. The music is reminiscent of iconic machines temple. Risk of addiction is included.
With skills into the highscore list.
You have 300 seconds for each level square that you enter. There is only one optimal path through the cube. Who can find is the fastest way and saves the most time points? Some levels are pretty hard. If you want to pass this action-packed game inside a box successfully, you have to think little bit outside the box yourself.

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