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El Pescao Skate

El Pescao Skate

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.1
Developer: Cupra Studios SL | Size: 103MB | Updated:05-9
The Postal Service is back with his new album, Overseas! Discover new songs and unlock exclusive content on an exciting journey skate to the beat of the music.
David Otero, The Postal Service, returns to Spain with his new album "Overseas" and does so with great force. With his new album under his arm, he has taken the skate to cross the ocean from island to island and bring his music. Follow him on his journey through levels full of dangers and complete singles collect instruments and musical notes. If you get the highest score, you unlock exclusive content! Moreover, you can create your versions of the new songs from "overseas" player mode, activating or silencing the different instrument tracks, Can you sing or play your favorite instrument with The Postal Service!
Take advantage of this version of the first two songs over several worlds that will be updated with new songs and exclusive content very soon.
* Helps The Postal complete their songs through islands filled with obstacles and enemies.
* Enjoy new songs by The Postal and play them in the player mode.
* Official Unlock exclusive content only available in the game.
* Compose your own versions of the singles adding or muting instrumental tracks.
* Discover the worlds of Ultramar and atraviƩsalos your skate at full speed.
A new experience of enjoying music playing. How about you going to lose?

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El Pescao SkateEl Pescao SkateEl Pescao SkateEl Pescao Skate

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