Pixel Boy

Pixel Boy

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.1
Developer: Integer Productions | Size: 19.59MB | Updated:05-11
Get ready to travel back in time! Travel to a time where the world is full of pixels!Go explore a pixellated kingdom in a brand new retro style pixel themed platformer that will take you on a magical adventure of epic proportions.Rock in old school classic cutting edge retro pixel graphics.In this fun FREE pixel game, all you have to do is tap to steer the pixel boy left and right as he descends through various obstacles.
Look out for trees, falling rocks,push levers to open trap doors and take massive leaps!Fall in style while collecting pink pixie cubes in this free game of pixel pushing perfection.Grab those pixie cubes to reach the highest score and to challenge your friends in a pixel run!Try our all new and exclusive multiplayer feature where you run against another pixel boy until you drop!Gang up and compete with each other!
There's never been a better time to enjoy Pixel Boy!Just remember, when the pixels collide, its Game Over.
Master the simple one touch control and navigate through obstacles in this free endlessly addictive,
procedural generated retro platform runner.Get awestruck with our pixel art and be ready for a challenging
and exciting experience that is going to get you hooked!
*Relive the classic pixel art
*Simple running and collecting game-play
*Tap to change direction
*Challenging obstacles
*Stay inside the screen!
*Multiplayer to run with your friends!
*Variety of environments
*Collect pixie cubes for the highest score!
*Now optimized & compatible for all tablets!
*Artistic 2D Pixel Graphics!
*Engaging and lively soundtracks
How to Play:
Tap to change direction.
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Pixel BoyPixel BoyPixel BoyPixel BoyPixel Boy

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