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Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt

Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: ZQGame Inc | Size: 40MB | Updated:05-12
Unleash maximum firepower in this over-the-top, anime-inspired arcade shooter! A spin-off from the turbulent events in action-MMORPG Soul Guardians, the Kraken Pirates are up to no good and it is up to you, Captain, to contain these plundering evil-doers. The Continent of Mu and the rest of Midgard needs your superior marksmanship abilities to save the world.
Same awesome Soul Guardians characters, same wacky world, new frenetic gameplay! A classic arcade shooter visually polished and streamlined for the palms of your hands.
**ENDLESS SHOOTING** with dynamic dual thumb controls. Avoid enemy fire while simultaneously honing in on your targets.
**COLLECT** upgrade and evolve, strengthening your Captains, each wielding their own unique firepower.
**ASSEMBLE ** the ultimate hero squad and build your team load out with rapid fire attackers and heavy damage specialists to fight and swap out through multiple waves of enemies and bosses.
**GAME MODES GALORE**---- Clear timed attack stages, poison modes, hostage situations and more, plus, what's a game without zombies? Be prepared for the undead in zombie shooting mayhem!
**YOU AGAINST THE WORLD**---- How will your team fair within the World Rankings?
Eliminate the pirates from Midgard NOW as a free game download on Android phone and tablet devices!
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**This free game download is compatible with devices with Android version 4.0 and above.
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Captain Heroes: Pirate HuntCaptain Heroes: Pirate HuntCaptain Heroes: Pirate HuntCaptain Heroes: Pirate Hunt

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