Dino Jump

Dino Jump

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: PlayScape | Size: 24.1MB | Updated:06-2
Over 200 million years ago, in the depths of the earth, Dino and his clan lived in a deep, dark volcano. One day, the volcano began to bubble and Dino knew they must get out as fast as they can or they will go extinct.
With his friends, Dina and Saber by his side, Dino must jump his way out of the volcano before it erupts or they will vanish from the earth!
With tons of attention-grabbing powerups to help you on your way out of the danger zone, you won't be able to put this game down for even a nanosecond!
It is so easy! Just jump as fast as you can until you see the skylight!
Can you help save the dinosaurs?
How to play?
• Tilt your device to control a dinosaur as it jumps to escape from a volcano
• Collect as much DNA as possible
• Move fast through the levels to get rewards
• Acquire evolutions like wings and horns that will help Dino reach the end of the level faster
• 50 tricky levels!
• Exciting adventure game!
• Amazing graphics!
• Cool endless mode!
• Awesome powerups!
• Scary flying enemies to avoid!
• Beware of the mushroom it will warp your mind!
• Collect meat, egg, magneto & pepper to improve jumping skills!
This game was designed by and created in cooperation with C2Flag http://www.c2flag.com/p/games.html and Mobjoy http://mobjoygames.com/

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Dino JumpDino JumpDino Jump
Dino JumpDino Jump

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