Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 0.4.150
Developer: CIGAME | Size: 41.09MB | Updated:06-5
And more good updates!
Game start become much easier, because we have reduced the cost of the first feeds. The amount of experience to achieve level 5 was reduced! Grow a second head quicker :)
Fertilizers can and should be used! Their prices were significantly reduced and their use is now fully justified!
All for your convenience - ground now can be purchased from the main screen. The game will offer to buy the ground when it is needed.
We are constantly working on correcting and improving application:
- We have fixed "Help" and now it will run much faster.
- Fixed background "Great Forest", thanks to everyone who told us about this error!
- In our shop there're new backgrounds! We are sure that you will like them.
- Translation into English is fully completed!
Pretty soon!
1. Ratings realization!
2. Store product expansion!
3. Quests!
New Tamagotchi:
If you like games in Tamagotchi style, this game of the day is for you! Grow your pet – real carnivorous plant. A beautiful flower will live in your phone and please you every day.
Carnivore is not only a colorful Tamagotchi. It is a fascinating mixture of RPG, clicker and arcade that will not leave you indifferent!
Learn all about carnivorous plants:
In the game you can buy seeds and grow your own beautiful and very unusual flowers and carnivorous plants each of which has its own "character" and predators’ habits (of a snake, dragon, tiger, etc.).
Stunning graphics:
We have paid special attention to the graphics of the game - you will enjoy our beautiful and colorful Tamagotchi. We do everything for you to call us "the best game!".
We have carefully created and painted models of carnivorous plants. Every day we come up with something new to please you.
All the best is for children:
Our game has no age limit. This kid game will capture your child and tell him about the world of plants. Simple and beautiful clicker will help to develop skills of mobile devices use. Our beautiful mini-games will help your child to develop and will train his memory and reaction.
A lot of mini-games:
We have come up with interesting mini-games for your flower not to be bored. Your pet will be happy that you give him so much time and attention, and as a result you will get great and terrible carnivorous plant.
Rate us:
Your scores are very important for us. To create a really beautiful and interesting game, we are constantly browsing your feedback and suggestions. Each proposal is carefully processed to make changes to the game according to your wishes. Our goal is to become the best game for you!

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