Jelly Jump

Jelly Jump

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.1.8
Developer: PlayScape | Size: 16.27MB | Updated:06-6
Our penguin is a lovable but very sad little creature. Since he was little he LOVED to dance and he danced everywhere he could until he realized that his friends were making fun of him, thinking that he is a silly little penguin…
So he decided to go on a journey and look for new friends across the universe, friends that would accept him and his passion for dancing!
On his journey he meets creepy enemies and discovers magnificent treasures, he jumps on fluttery jelly fish, fluffy clouds and space satellites.
Won't you help our lovable penguin escape the creepy enemies he encounters on his journey, until he reaches the stars?
How to play
- Tilt your device left and right to move the penguin
- Press on the screen buttons to use power-ups
- Get to the store to power up
- 6 enemy types (fish, crab, bird, zeus, alien, robot)
- 6 different worlds, start from the bottom of the deep ocean and reach the stars!
- 3 types of treasures - collect them and get power-ups
- Cool store with gadgets and power-ups
- 57 objectives with bucks rewards system

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Jelly JumpJelly JumpJelly Jump
Jelly JumpJelly Jump

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