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Furry Animals bombing

Furry Animals bombing

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Phoenixxx Games prod. | Size: 30.6MB | Updated:06-13
On a distant planet lived and worked cute little animals alien. However, they decided to take beautiful planet evil aliens who want only to enslave them. But the inhabitants of this planet is not very - that agree to such an outcome, and so decided to fight the alien invaders. The game is very good and beautiful graphics, with an elaborated modelka beings. And the atmosphere of our home planet of cute little animals - beautiful and captures its scenery. But all this can not be, because the evil aliens do not need and, therefore, they get rid of it. Fuzzy can help our very simple - download Furry Animals Bombing on android to protect their home planet.
Gameplay is built on the basis of the popular game about birds, where it is necessary to shoot a slingshot "shells" in fortified buildings, destroying enemies. The game also has a variety of bonuses and assistance to help in difficult situations. The game is not too annoying player, so relax by playing it - no problem. In general, Furry Animals Bombing for android is a great replacement game about birds and diversifies the gray days.

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Furry Animals bombingFurry Animals bombing

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