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Running Circles

Running Circles

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.2
Developer: BoomBit Games | Size: 23.7MB | Updated:06-16
Running Circles will have you Spinning around Dazed & Confused, hungry for one more go! This simple one touch Multiplayer Arcade game is totally Addictive and impossible to put down. How far can you go?
Your goal is to move from Circle to Circle taping the screen at just the right time. You can move both inside and outside the Circles but don't waste a second... Danger lurks all around you.
Great timing and lightning fast reflexes is all it takes to go as far as you can.
Collect gold gems to Unlock tons of cool Characters that will help you on your journey.
Do you think you're fast enough?
Play With Your Friends in endless Turn Base Multiplayer mode. Challenge them in direct online battles to see who has the fastest reaction time.
Running circles will keep you circling and spinning for more.
★ From the creators of Bird Climb & Spider Square
★ Free To Play
★ Simple 1 Touch Controls
★ Online Multiplayer
★ Play With Friends
★ 2 Difficulty Modes - Easy & Normal
★ Beautiful Minimal Art Style
★ Leaderboards and Achievements
★ Cloud Save
★ Android TV Support (coming soon)
★ Game Pad Support (coming soon)

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Running CirclesRunning CirclesRunning CirclesRunning CirclesRunning CirclesRunning Circles

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