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Cute Pocket Pets 3D

Cute Pocket Pets 3D

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version:
Developer: vARDAmir's Game Studio | Size: 30.65MB | Updated:06-22
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Cute Pocket Pets 3D Game offers you to get a cute pet on your smartphone or tablet. Take care of your virtual pet, name him, choose the type of your pet. You can also change his color and face. Make your pet a part of your daily life. Play with him and see how he grows.
Dress your virtual pet to give him an original look: you will find a wide selection of clothes and garments in the wardrobe. Decorate home for your cute pet, play with him and he will definitely become a part of Your life.
- Play different mini games such as "Evade-A-Ball", "Sure Throw", "Catch-A-Coin" and others. Earn coins, get experience and have fun!
- Level up your cute pet: play with him, feed him and put him to bed.
- Use your imagination: create your very own pet using different combination of color, eyes and clothes.
- Choose one of seven cute pets: Teddy-Bear, Kitty, Puppy, Fox-cub, Panda, Nestling and Rabbit.
- Chance to play a single player (offline) and multiplayer (online) mini games. You can play by yourself or with other players competing with them and enjoy playing together
- Change the look of your pet. There are various accessories, clothes and equipment in a wardrobe.
Buy different furniture and interior items for your pet so that he can restore his energy to play mini games.

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Cute Pocket Pets 3DCute Pocket Pets 3DCute Pocket Pets 3DCute Pocket Pets 3DCute Pocket Pets 3DCute Pocket Pets 3D

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