Meteor Guns

Meteor Guns

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.00
Developer: Lira Labs | Size: 48.6MB | Updated:07-14
Go through several levels of meteor storm, which consists of various types of meteorites with different properties. At the same time you have to dodge the friendly ships and black holes produce combo attacks, getting extra points. And at the last level you expect the boss to damage you can only after destroying all of his charges.
✔ 3 types of meteorites: ordinary, gain (need to get to destroy 2 times, it is immune to the laser) and invisible (periodically disappears).
✔ The final boss (for the destruction should fall 10 times, is able to shoot at your screen while leaving holes in the glass and locks falling on it until it destroyed the rest of meteorites).
✔ earned points open new weapons.
✔ 4 types of additional weapons for quick punishment of the hordes of meteorites.
✔ combo attacks that bring extra points when hit by meteorites 3 for 3 seconds.
✔ is replaced in the process of passing a background design.

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Meteor GunsMeteor GunsMeteor GunsMeteor GunsMeteor GunsMeteor Guns

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