Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.2
Developer: X-Teleport | Size: 13.4MB | Updated:07-15
Classics of Arcade!
The objective of the game is to control the paddle in order to keep
the ball from falling down, by precise controlling device angle you are able to
reflect the ball into bricks. Hitting bricks gives points and powerups.
Collecting powerups make the game easier or harder depending on the type.
When all breakable bricks are destroyed, the level ends, and next level is on.
When all 50 levels are completed, game start from level1 again, but with twice the score.
Based on SDL-BALL Jimmy Christensen.
Based on Dx-Ball by Michael P. Welch.
Based on Megaball by Ed and Al Mackey.
Thanks to players, packagers and patchers!
Greetings to everyone!

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