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Ninja Chicken Beach

Ninja Chicken Beach

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.4
Developer: PlayScape | Size: 20.7MB | Updated:08-4
Playscape is proud to present - the story of the Ninja Chicken's beach adventure!
Will he get a tan? Could he avoid the cruel fate of getting tan lines? Ninja Chicken trusts you to help him out!
It was a beautiful day at the beach, but alas, the Ninja Chicken's arch-nemesis, you know, that mean dog dude, just had to ruin it. Now our hero is torn between getting an even tan and not being eaten by a dog.
If Ninja Chicken fails, he'll be gnawed to itsy-bitsy pieces of poultry - or worse - get an uneven tan! You don't want *that* to happen, do you?
- 30 challenging levels.
- Dozens of missions to complete to become a badass bronzed ninja.
- Fun, colorful and unique graphics

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Ninja Chicken BeachNinja Chicken Beach

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