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Spell Gate: Tower Defense

Spell Gate: Tower Defense

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 0.0.904
Developer: HeroCraft Ltd | Size: 36.6MB | Updated:08-13
Your goblin enemies are at the gates!
Hordes of evil creatures have invaded the kingdom, sowing chaos, death and destruction. Only a true hero skilled in the art of magic can save the land! Are you your people's hero?
Choose from one of four characters to fight off wave after wave of hideous beasts.
The elements will come to your aid: thundering skies will strike the brutes with lightning, and balls of fire will burn the invaders to death where they stand.
Draw a magic gesture on your screen, and the earth will rip open with deadly acid filling the pits at your enemies' feet.Even the stars will answer your call, crushing the goblins under falling meteors.
Your enemies come in all shapes and sizes: from dumb infantrymen to deadly ogres, vile shamans to explosive kamikazes.There's no turning back: your people have entrusted you with their lives.
Do whatever you see fit, Defender, but the Spell Gate must stand!
• 100 story levels - with unique requirements to advance
• Two playing modes: story and survival
• Gesture-activated spells
• Outstanding graphics and animation
• 4 heroes with unique abilities
• Lots of enemies - each with particular strengths
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Spell Gate: Tower DefenseSpell Gate: Tower Defense

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