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Vikings in Love

Vikings in Love

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.2.3
Developer: Cabbageman | Size: 43.44MB | Updated:09-6
Vikings in Love is Cabbageman's newest title.
Get ready for an adventure with your friendly viking Björn! Who's he? He's a real viking womanizer, sharing his love all around the village!
And you know what? Now all of his love affairs want more and this viking needs your help!
So, putting it simple: it's a runner and a card collector.
You'll need to escape from a crowd of women madly in love and collect all the cards hidden throughout the game.
Run for your life and discover lots of cards with different characters and themes. All of this will allow you to customize your levels and vikings.
Collect more cards than any of your friends and mostly: have fun!

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Vikings in LoveVikings in LoveVikings in LoveVikings in Love

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