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I Shot the Sheriff

I Shot the Sheriff

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Appsolute Games LLC | Size: 39MB | Updated:09-17
I Shot the Sheriff is a dual wielding two-button retro styled arcade game set in the Wild West. Shoot all the Bandits but never ever shoot the Sheriff!
***** It's a simple affair, with a Wild West aesthetic and Simon-esque play mechanics, but it's well put together and really quite moreish once you get into it. - App Spy ******
You are the bounty hunter. The one who has been assigned the task of getting rid of all the enemies or bandits from town. These dangerous bandits will shoot you on sight. You have to be really quick and shoot all your enemies. This town has no place for fear. There is no escape. Keep shooting the lawless and make sure the town is safe.
This endless shooting game has very simple rules. Kill or be killed. At the same time, make sure that the Sheriff is always alive. If you like casual short-session action games, you will thoroughly enjoy I Shot the Sheriff.
- Simple Controls - Tap on the left side of the screen to shoot left and right side of the screen to shoot right!
- 3 Different Environments
- Awesome Retro Graphics
- Retro first person shooter
- Go Hunting for Bandits and Compete with Friends & Family on our Leaderboards!
There are many weapons to unlock! Some are described below:
Pistol - Basic gun but very effective
Hand Shotgun - Good close quarters combat weapon. Also used in sport for bird hunting.
Pepperbox Revolver - A multiple-barrel repeating firearm that has 3 or more barrels grouped around a central axis.
Golden Gun - Extremely popularised in movies
Sniper Rifle - Great for long-range shooting
Boxing Gloves - Lets you knock out your opponents with one punch
Claws - Slash your enemies with this handy weapon
This endless shooter will have you addicted and playing over and over again.
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I Shot the SheriffI Shot the SheriffI Shot the SheriffI Shot the SheriffI Shot the Sheriff

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