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Balls & Holes

Balls & Holes

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Planet of the Apps LTD | Size: 31.89MB | Updated:10-12
Welcome to the celtic hills, the place that combines beauty and danger.
Each year the bravest lads and lasses volunteer to conquer the 'Ancient One' -the highest peak of the mountains range. Many have tried, BUT no one has succeed yet... (or should I say returned).
The legend reveals an old course, which was brought upon the villages of the valley by a powerful druid. It's like a nature itself trying to destroy the surrounding population.
If you're a fine lad or a brave lass, try to remove the evil witchcraft. But be warned of the giant boulders and falling fireballs.
The brave soul has yet to be found. Will you be the one to bring the salvation to the poor people?
Hint: it's OK to turn backwards
- Amazing graphics
- Multiple characters
- Great music and sounds effects
- Addicting gameplay
- Advance game physics
- The path looks familiar, but everything else is different

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Balls & HolesBalls & HolesBalls & HolesBalls & HolesBalls & Holes

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