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Save Our Heads

Save Our Heads

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.3.2
Developer: Dmitriy Fetisov | Size: 8.9MB | Updated:12-23
Looks like someone is cleaning up in the attic...
Oh no! Huge boxes are falling down right one the people's heads! Only a miracle can save them.
Take control of the wind and it's power. Blow away the falling boxes, and save the innocent pedestrians. But do this as much effective as possible, these poor humans are way too funny when scared. :)
Game specifications and features:
* New game mechanics
Get the new experience from arcade games.
* Extended wind physics
It won't be easy to control the heavier boxes
* Statistics for each character
Estimate how scared was each pedestrian and how many points it gave to you.
* Original characters
Each game character has own specifics and personal sounds.
* Achievements
Open them all!
* Score table
Take the first place in global player rating.

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Save Our HeadsSave Our HeadsSave Our Heads

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