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Fire Bounce 2D

Fire Bounce 2D

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.5
Developer: Dad-Team | Size: 42MB | Updated:12-26
The story is about a god of fire who lost all of their precious little embers. On the important task on return them home sent one of the strongest representatives Fireburning who you are. Your path is not easy. A lot of traps and obstacles, will complicate the execution of your job. One of the most dangerous is the attenuation of fire in you. But our hero is the strongest of its kind. It has three powerful forms that will help you complete the task.
The game is available:
20 levels;
3 forms a ball of fire:
- Form of fire:
- Increased speed of movement;
- Reinforced jump;
- Gradual decline;
- Vulnerability to water;
- High rate of decay;
- The usual form:
It has an average speed of traffic, the fall and decay;
- Stone Shape:
- Resistant to water;
- Rapid decline;
- Slow decay;
- Small speed of movement;
- Unmanaged in the fall;

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Fire Bounce 2DFire Bounce 2DFire Bounce 2D

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