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Galactic Nemesis

Galactic Nemesis

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0.4
Developer: CS54 INC | Size: 29MB | Updated:01-11
* "At first glance, you might assume Galactic Nemesis is one of the many half-hearted, copycat shoot-em-ups you can find. But it's actually much, much more." - TouchArcade
* "Galactic Nemesis is the first 80s arcade style space shooter for mobile that feels right." - Pocket Tactics
Aliens are invading the galaxies and you're the only hope. Battle waves of alien races and defeat mega bosses with your powerful galactic ship. Each world offers a new set of challenges, and new species of fire shooting aliens. Upgrade your ship to help your conquer the challenges. Compete in almost 50 stages, then attempt each world's endurance mode to see if you have what it takes to save each galaxy.
Game features:
48 Stages + 48 Stages of Endurance Extended Play
10 Upgradeable Ships
Simple controls
Retro 8-bit arcade graphics
Exciting challenges
Epic 8-bit background music
Win challenges to earn coins
Upgrade ships to earn more fire power, special weapons, and shields
Over 50 Achievements
Super Simple Gameplay:
Drag and move to shoot
Reviews / Comments:
* "For the retro game crowd, Galactic Nemesis is a must-have for your collection." - Technology Tell
* "An endorphin shot of nostalgia" - Slide To Play
* "Takes you back to arcade space shooting without spending quarters" - AppAdvice
* "Retro shooters have never been more fun in our Galactic" - PopZara

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Galactic NemesisGalactic NemesisGalactic NemesisGalactic NemesisGalactic Nemesis

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