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Bouncing Tank (shooter)

Bouncing Tank (shooter)

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 2.0
Developer: Romain Courtois | Size: 25.3MB | Updated:02-3
Try to aim while bouncing !
- Soldier ! With your inflatable tank that jump like a ball, bounce in the air to shoot the enemies "retro shooter" style. Yeah, shoot em up ! Fighter jets, helicopters, missiles and rockets charge from the right at your army's headquarters. Defend your position, your tank and your life. Blow them up before they blow you up ! It's a battle for freedom. Your mission is simple: bounce to save the world by saving the white doves, the symbol of peace, so don't shoot them ! Ok, let's jump, soldier !
- Ok, captain, but how do you play ?...
- Bouncing Tank is not an other shmup ! This one is hilarious and challenging. Easy to control, difficult to master.
Just tap on the screen to shoot with your gun while bouncing. Try to aim. But be careful ! Your ammo is limited to five rockets, so use them wisely !
Three reasons to install Bouncing Tank :
1° Magical retro shooter atmosphere.
2° Unusual, challenging and exciting gameplay.
3° Typical adorable Ketchapp design.

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Bouncing Tank (shooter)Bouncing Tank (shooter)Bouncing Tank (shooter)

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