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Dragon Village TCG

Dragon Village TCG

Category: Android Games / Card | Version: 1.21
Developer: highbrow | Size: 28.1MB | Updated:07-27
Dragon Village is BACK! This time with an action-packed card game!
Cast spells, summon monsters and dragons on an epic card duel!
Collect hundreds of unique cards to create and strategize your deck!
Become the Legendary Card Master!
◆ Massive Collection of Cards
5 different grades - Basic, Normal, Rare, Epic, Legendary cards!
Each card has its own base stats and special powers!
◆ Dragon Tamers with Distinct Battle Styles
4 types of dragon tamers, each with a special element - Fire, Earth, Wind, Water.
Each dragon tamer has a pool of unique dragons and spell cards to choose from.
◆ Assemble your Deck
Create a deck of 30 cards based around a dragon tamer.
Strategize a winning deck by combining the right cards with the right abilities.
Higher cost cards won't guarantee you victory!
◆ Strategic Gameplay
Witness the dynamic animation and effects of unique monster and dragon abilities.
Evolve dragons during the battle to give them additional stats and abilities.
Expect the unexpected chain of actions of each play on the battlefield!
◆ Endless Fun in Various Playing Modes
New to TCG? Hone your skills dueling an AI in Practice Mode!
Test your strategies on real players in Normal Mode!
Become the legendary card master in the Ranking Mode!
Languages Supported:
English, 한국어
Customer Support:
send us an email at [email protected]
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Dragon Village TCGDragon Village TCGDragon Village TCGDragon Village TCGDragon Village TCG

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