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Jumping Cube HD

Jumping Cube HD

Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: BBGAMES CO.,LTD | Size: 39.2MB | Updated:06-23
A greedy hamster was found stealing food in the refrigerator by a cat. He was stuffed into a tiny lemon jam jar and rolled down into the sewer.
There's boiling water coming from the bottom. And bombs from both sides. Maybe there are more dangerous waiting for him. Can you get him out of the horrible sewer? How far can you get to?
But you are not alone. During the adventure inside the sewer, you will unlock new characters and encounter useful items to help you get further. Each character has a different kind of skill. Those skills will be very helpful to get the cube jump higher, or get more coins.
- Tap to jump, tap twice to do double-jump!
- Tilt the device to move.
- Avoid the dangers. Such as forks, venom, boiling water and bombs.
- Collect cheese to activate super power!
- Collect coins to unlock more characters
- 20+ Different kinds of characters
- Many useful skills: "Double coins", "Greater chance to see jetpack", "Get a helmet in every start", "ANTI VENOM", "ANTI BOOMS", "ANTI FORKS", "Jetpack comes with a extra helmet!", "Get more cheese!"
- Beat Friends' High Score
- Endless Challenges
- Supper Hard Core

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Jumping Cube HDJumping Cube HDJumping Cube HDJumping Cube HDJumping Cube HDJumping Cube HDJumping Cube HD

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