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Chromatique (Unreleased)

Chromatique (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 0.52
Developer: Focal Point Games | Size: 25.8MB | Updated:09-12
Chromatique is a captivating puzzle game that focuses on strategy, skill and numerous colors.
You can learn it in seconds and will entertain you for eons. The perfect game for your spare time!
* Tap an empty block to fill it with color
* Arrange them to create links & tap on a linked block to combine them into one
* Collect charges by creating combos
* When you have at least one charge you can move blocks around.
* Create combos in succession to get more charges
* Try to get to 100

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Chromatique (Unreleased)Chromatique (Unreleased)

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