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Jenny's Balloon

Jenny's Balloon

Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: QUOIN | Size: 24.5MB | Updated:06-10
Jenny and Toto find mysterious balloons while taking a walk in the forest.
Curious Toto grabs a balloon and disappears into the sky.
Jenny hangs on the other balloons in the search of Toto and takes off on an adventure.
[About this game]
Casual game with hints of mystery.
As you reach higher levels, Jenny will earn a new look.
Help Jenny mount higher with quick control moves.
[Tips for play]
Tip1. Control the directions of the balloons by tilting left and right.
Tip2. Avoid the forest monsters so you don’t burst the balloons on your way up.
If you bump into a forest monster, one or many balloons will burst.
Tip3. If you think you will bump into a forest monster, wait for it to pass in the tree branches.
But don’t stay there too long or all your balloons will burst.
Tip4. Forest monsters hiding behind trees can move anytime so watch out for them at all times.
Tip5. Try to rise as high as possible. When you reach the last stage, you will meet with Toto.
Tip6. Share your points with your friends and show them who’s the winner!

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Jenny's BalloonJenny's Balloon

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