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Farm Clicker

Farm Clicker

Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.0.8
Developer: upjers GmbH | Size: 20.9MB | Updated:06-20
This click game is guaranteed to keep you on your toes! In Farm Clicker, you harvest vegetables by tapping your iPad/iPhone/iPod's touch screen. The faster you act, the faster you'll bring in the harvest. You'll collect the harvested farm produce in little baskets, which you can sell to customers. As a click game, Farm Clicker offers you an intuitive game principle. You decide if you want to play with one or more fingers. You can download this Clicker Game App for free! The game offers countless features. These include:
* Prove your clicking prowess by tapping on vegetables as fast as possible
* Provide customers with harvested tomatoes, carrots, as well as countless other products
* Unlock new fields as you progress through the game
* Experience exciting click game challenges and master them with style
* Earn in-game currency and experience
* Discover the unbelievable power of farm boosters
Farm Clicker offers you attractive graphics in a colorful garden game. Explore the special game setting of this clicker game. Download it and get started right away! Test your speed! Click fast and harvest a lot! Let's go! Try it out right away!

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Farm ClickerFarm ClickerFarm Clicker

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