Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: TSUKISHIMA FACTORY Inc. | Size: 29.56MB | Updated:08-10
Rinka is a challenging game with one touch controls where the player guides a will o` the wisp through a dark world of shadowy obstacles. Collecting orbs of light give the wisp the energy it needs to illuminate it`s path, but failing to reach an orb may result in the path being shrouded in darkness.
Keep the wisp illuminated while avoiding obstacles to get the high score.
How long can you last in the perpetual night of Rinka?
・An Atmosphere of Light, Shadows, and Color
The color of the wisp`s light changes depending on the color of the orbs collected. Each new color sheds new light on the various backgrounds while marking a new level of difficulty in the game`s progression.
Only the most skilled players will be able to travel from the calm and serene blues all the way through to the dangerous reds and illusive purples.
・Gain points by collect orbs
In addition to giving the wisp the energy it needs to say luminous, orbs also count as points to show how far you`ve progressed in the game.
Share your best scores on Facebook, Twitter, and LINE.
・Key Points
・Challenging obstacles
・Simple one touch controls
・Quick gameplay that allows for multiple attempts
・Beautiful serene atmospheres

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