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Glowing Darkness

Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.0.307
Developer: upjers GmbH | Size: 35.4MB | Updated:11-21
Glowing Darkness - Vibrant Underwater Fun!
Dive into the darkest depths of the ocean and experience the logic game adventure of a lifetime with Glowing Darkness. Far below the reaches of the sun's warming rays, there's only a single source of light: squids that create light beams. Your task in this captivating puzzle app is to direct this beam of light to a target with the help of the unique creatures in the ocean's depths. Skillful use of friendly flounders, artfully decorated mirrors, and exotic teleports will allow you to split, redirect, transfer, and guide your beam of light to a target in this logic game. Prove your combination skills and train your concentration in Glowing Darkness. Experience a multitude of fantastic features in this unusual and extraordinary puzzle game that lets you play with the physics of light in a fantasy setting. Some of Glowing Darkness' many highlights include:
* Diverse possibilities of sending the beam of light to its destination
* Use of switches, splitters, mirrors and teleporters to solve the unique challenges in GlowingDarkness
* Creation of different colors of light be combining various beams
* Long-lasting logic game fun
* Lovingly detailed graphics and a mesmerizing marine setting
* 130 levels of puzzle challenges with increasing difficulty
* Hints and solution options for when you get stuck
Glowing Darkness - A Logic Game with a Physics Twist
Light plays a central role in Glowing Darkness. With the help of countless switches, splitters, teleporters, and mirrors, you can guide a beam of light to a target. GlowingDarkness presents the physics theme light in a new and original way - with beautiful graphics and enlightening gameplay. Download the app in the Google Play Store and discover the delightful deep sea world of GlowingDarkness. Put your concentration to the test and solve intricate puzzle challenges. Bring light into the dark - play GlowingDarkness today! Guide the squid's light beam home!

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