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Crazy Farm War

Crazy Farm War

Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.06
Developer: 1Moby Co., Ltd. | Size: 33.9MB | Updated:11-26
Crazy Farm War is a crazy shooting game. We are sheep, and chickens are coming to take our fur. Because our fur is so nice and warm and very fashionable, so don't let them take it from you. You are protecting your barn, which is the fur storage. Tap on chickens who try to lay their finger on it. But they are not that piece of cake. Build some turrets to help you out. I swear you will like them. Have fun in shooting in Crazy Farm War.
===== Features =====
Simple addictive gameplay.
Free to play with enjoyable graphic and sound.
Keep connected to your friend through Facebook.
Challenging missions are very exciting.
Planning your turrets, keep your house safe.
Crazy Farm War is the best shooting game.
===== How to play =====
1. Tap chickens to score.
2. Don't let chickens enter the barn
3. There are different types of chicken with different eliminating strategies.
4. Turrets are useful. Build them up to help you protect the barn.
5. Sometimes there is the crate falling from the sky, tap on it to take the item.
6. Defeat as many chickens as in Crazy farm war and be on top of the scoreboard.
Download Crazy Farm War for free!
===== Notice =====
Playing Crazy Farm War is unstoppable. Endlessly fun! Please don't forget to take some rest. =D
===== More =====
Download now and enjoy our Crazy Farm War =D

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Crazy Farm WarCrazy Farm WarCrazy Farm WarCrazy Farm WarCrazy Farm War

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