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Dog Park Tycoon

Dog Park Tycoon

Category: Android Games / Casual Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Shinypix | Size: 28.5MB | Updated:02-12
Do you love dogs and would you like to collect them in your own Park? With Dog Park Tycoon, you are free to build and decorate your Park as you wish, as well as to fill it with plenty of fabulous dogs! Keep them in good health, discover all different breeds and fulfill your visitors' needs to create the most popular Park! This will convince visitors from all over the world and even your friends to come and see you.
Key features:
* Gather 40 different breeds, such as rottweiler, golden retriever, pug, shih tzu and many others!
* Embellish your park with plants and decorative items to make it even more beautiful
* Hire and manage your employees to keep your dogs and plants in good health
* Build facilities to meet visitors' needs
* Take part to dog shows to receive awards
* Visit your friends' parks and cooperate with them to increase your mutual success
* Discover different environments: prairie, savannah, mountain, snow...

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Dog Park TycoonDog Park TycoonDog Park TycoonDog Park TycoonDog Park Tycoon

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