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Turn your Destiny

Turn your Destiny

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.1
Developer: Flying Kiwi | Size: 47.84MB | Updated:07-26
Turn Your Destiny is a new addictive Match-4-or-more puzzle game. Solve each level and control your destiny!
As the chosen star child, you are going on a quest to free the lost spirits.
Throughout the Four Domains you need to combine and align stars in order to free the spirits of that domain. Sounds difficult? It is.
But you have skills, oh chosen one.
With your special powers you will be able to combine colored stars. Combine four or more and great fortune awaits. The more stars you align, the greater the power that is released. Will you change the destiny of the lost spirits and fulfill your quest?
But beware! Each domain is guarded by a Star Guardian. They only guide the chosen star child. There's no tolerance for wanderers in the four domains. Stay on the right path and they will help you on your quest. Stray but a little...and you will feel the wrath of the Four Guardians.

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Turn your DestinyTurn your DestinyTurn your DestinyTurn your DestinyTurn your Destiny

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