Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 0.8.89
Developer: | Size: 41.83MB | Updated:08-13
Knap is physics based challenging puzzle game.Using your touch you have to move objects,throw,pull,turn,clash with others- in the way to complete the level
The main objectives are very simple-connect figures with their base of the same forms, but in practice it can be a challenge. Maps are based on very different mechanics: shooting from a cannon, breaking walls, fire control, catching the monsters, control the flow of liquids,turn the gravity with moving phone are just some of the challenges that you face.All of that in one game: Knap !
-150 diffrent levels -and new upcoming
-4 special levels -randomly generated- infinity play with cannon ,monsters and gravity
-plenty of achievements to unlock
-a lot of stuff to unlock like other skins and backgrounds
Knap is really clash of brain and dexterity. Everyone can try it but only best could finish all game. There is no place for luck,- only your mind,fingers and challenging puzzles! Make fun with physics and try to solve all the puzzles.If you looking for fun for many hours- Knap is game for You.

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