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Developer: Seragam | Size: 22.59MB | Updated:10-26
A simple, but very exciting puzzle. This game in the cyberpunk style will require composure and will really challenge your brain.
Try closing all cells in this scheme. Alas, it's not a walk in the park. Steel doors open just once. One wrong step and there will be skulls instead of silver flowers on this field. Each turn requires a well thought-through decision. Don't rush - the passage can open in any direction. Breathe, think, and your energy will turn into a key to these locks. Only a cool mind will be able to beat the game!
Attention! All levels can be completed, but if you are desperate, you can use some cheats: move an energy cell, drop a stone or use a hint.
All levels can be completed!
Cool graphics!
Mesmerizing music!
Tips and hints!
Open all doors on this field! Prove that your mind is stronger than robots!

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