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Anekhan - The Mummy

Anekhan - The Mummy

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 2
Developer: Yuon Games Dev | Size: 32.92MB | Updated:04-10
Welcome to an adventure set up in the ruins of the ancient temples ruled by the undead pharaoh .
Not a long time ago the pharaoh was resurrected , once he will get his power back
he will become unstoppable ,and the earth will burn ......
You think you have some skills to stop him? but this will not be easy . there will be tons of traps and challenges . so good luck...
- strong puzzle elements through all the game.
- adventure and increasing difficulty by the level.
- arcade, hardcore arcade and boss-battle style elements.
- dungeon atmosfere and hint cut-scene.
Yuon Games is a one man team ,everything on this game is made by one person ,"we" try to make games that "we" like to play ,
enjoy and feel free to contact "us".

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Anekhan - The MummyAnekhan - The MummyAnekhan - The Mummy

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