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Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)

Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.01
Developer: Ei | Size: 43.3MB | Updated:04-24
DOTSBOX is a free and dynamic logic ( match 3 ) game as for one ( singleplayer ) and for several players ( splitscreen ). The game is easy to learn, but from other side created especially for the experienced player and has the ability to go deep.
- In single player mode the action are held in the several steps. The steps reflected on the global map. Each step is characterized by a particular type of environment, from ancient Egypt to science fiction. Finishing levels of the single player game, you get access to additional opportunity to play with your friends.
- Set of songs and different types of game environment make a variety of exciting an adventure
(The game includes a short video tips.)
- That game was different from the rest Match3 there is the ability to play with your friends in split screen.
- If you want to play with more than four players it is possible to start a tournament, by the way, there will be available three modes.
- The configuration provides a flexible influence on the course of the game, rapid or prolonged contest. skill or ingenuity.
- Exciting adventure.
- Match with 4 players on the same screen and ☢ tournament ☢ conducting with up to 16 players.
- Level editor for creating your own mazes.
Now work is underway, so do not be indifferent, try dotsbox on your phone ☺ and write us your wishes.

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Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)Dots Box +LevelEditor (Jewels)

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