Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: RedDeer, LLC | Size: 15.96MB | Updated:06-6
Exciting intellectual game Crack Word will surprise you by fresh view on the word brainteasers. Unlike traditional crosswords, scrabble, rebus puzzles and trivial "guess word by picture" you'll need to use all your lexicon, erudition and logical thinking to solve the task.
The main goal of the game is to find a hidden word, which by rules would be singular noun. By guessing words you'll need to build such a logical chain, so to crack a hidden word as fast as it possible. Absent and present letters can be marked right on the alphabet panel. If you got some difficulties, but the victory seems quite close, you always can use in-game coins to open any of the hidden letters. But keep in mind, that the lesser time and guessed words you use the more scores and bonus you'll get. Three possible level modes will make the game process comfortable for all novice and experienced players. In addition, if you want some exotics you can try to play in Russian.
If at your spare time, on time breaks at school, university, or work you prefer to solve crosswords, rebus and puzzles, to play in scrabble and brainteasers, you'll be very fond of our new word game - Crack Word.

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